3-Years $10M Deals

3-Years $10M Deals

Inside the corporate world, there is a lot of pressure to be “good,” but be sure you are not “too good” because you will create a bigger target for yourself. Please consider modesty and find ways to transfer skills and make your next move great…

Multi-Level-Marketing & Weed

Multi Level Marketing Weed

Marijuana is a consumer product, is it worth being a distributor for a marijuana MLM company? It depends, I want to say no, but I’ll say it’s not for me. Everyone loves a success story…

Fail – Nah Really Learn

Fail Nah Really Learn

We haven’t turned a profit, but we do have an accelerated licensing, a few properties locked down, two host agreements, complete plan set/application for a special permit and a fully submitted state application…

Truth be Told | Cannabis Capital Stories

Truth Be Told

Theranos Inc., a unicorn company, valued at nearly $10B but wasn’t worth the paper sitting on your desk. The companies building blocks and foundation were all lies and the power of persuasion. It’s now spring semester 2020, and lecturing on ethics brings me joy, where Theranos is the topic of a weekly discussion. Telling the […]

Teenage Weed and Work

teenage Weed and Work

In early 2000’s I was introduced to weed, weightlifting, and business – all nearly at the same time. Starting as a teenager, the correlation between these three has created a delicate balance in my life. The balance represents an ability to diversify passion, adapt, grow, and to continue a learning process. I realized marijuana consumption and distribution was an […]

Hustling with Homies & Business with Bros

Hustling with the Homies

In many ways, my childhood friends are like career advisors, offering a wide range of perspectives and experiences. Some of my friends have successful careers in finance or accounting, while others have been charged with felonies or are college dropouts. A small number of my friends are entrepreneurs, others are retired athletes, in the science field, or might […]