Marijuana in the Media

Marijuana In the Media

The media’s relationship with marijuana is going strong. There were racists remarks and propaganda in the 1930s. And don’t forget the “get tough” campaigns during the war on drugs. And now, we are experiencing coverage of legalization and licensing in the states….

Marijuana Mom

Marijuana Mom

We are about five months away from the official Mother’s Day in May 2019. The first Nationally celebrated Mother’s Day was in 1908 and now its celebrated in over 40 countries across the world…

Legendary Move by Retired Raider

Urgent Care

From blocking for one of the greatest running backs to brick and mortar weed shop. A fullback isn’t a glorified position in football, hell some experts might say the position is absolute in the game. Don’t count out retired Super Bowl Raider fullback, Frank Hawkins. He has changed lanes and is now operating weed spot in Las […]

Son of a Bitch


The NFL has 32 teams and approx. 1,700 players. Nearly 75% of NFL players are Black/African-American. The minimum full year, base salary is over $400,000 while most veterans, starters, and franchise players make much more…

If Brady Kneeled

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. As a player, his individual stats and team achievements have placed him in talks of the best football player ever! Watching his career and journey in the NFL is impressive. He was barely drafted and only got the opportunity to become a starter when Drew Bledsoe went […]

Because They Believe

because they believe

Growing up in a religious household, I’ve watched my father ascend from the congregation to decon, a pastor, and now a bishop. The power of belief is undeniable, and even just sharing this business story is a miracle. As an entrepreneur, you solve problems because you believe people (customers, community, your family & friends) will live a better life…

Four Sisters

Four Sisters

Across America, approximately 80% of people or 260.6 million people have at least one brother or sister. Nearly 65 million males have at least one sister. Having four sisters is a divine blessing, and through each of them, my perspective in the cannabis world becomes individually unique…

Protect and Serve | Real Perspective on Cannabis Conferences, Meetings & Networking

Protect and Serve

Tradeshows are rich in tradition, predictable yet exciting, and fun. If you’ve been to a tradeshow in repeat years, you know it’s almost like a high school reunion. According to The NCIA’s Northeast Cannabis Business Conference website, as a business-to-business (non-customer) event, their goal is to convene industry experts and professionals to learn about emerging regional-specific regulations, […]

The Greatest in the Game | Sports, Entertainment, & Cannabis

The Greatest In the Game2

Greatness is not natural. A few weeks after the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter GiGi and seven other passengers, his eminence, now amplified, displays his dedication. He left behind the motivation to strive to be the best versions of ourselves every day. There is a chance that we share the viewpoints for other […]