Have you ever had a marijuana-infused edible or capsule and hours later you forgot about eating it until it hits you? Or maybe that oral treat hit you too hard. It’s happened to me! I’ve been in a position where all of a sudden, the world unexpectedly changed! Edibles are tasty but usually sneaky.

The state of Colorado will be enforcing new restrictions on marijuana-infused edibles. Regulators want to ban child-enticing shapes such as gummy bears. The premise to the limitations hopes to reduce the possibility of mistaking Moms favorite gummy’s for little Timmy’s Saturday cartoon snack. I am a husband and father who has prescription medication, alcohol, and marijuana in our household with a toddler son.

I’ve been around the marijuana culture for over 15 years, and there are three things for sure, regardless of regulations 1. people will consume marijuana 2. pot is getting stronger! 3. although it is getting stronger, it’s still less harmful than prescription medication and alcohol. Even though marijuana is less toxic, I wouldn’t want my son around edibles because once an edible is out of the package, it is tough to identify and tell the difference from a non-infused treat. He loves candy, but he’s good with drinking hemp milk for now.

Further thoughts:

Some companies participate in stamping the actual edible with consumable dye labeling and identifying the treat with its THC content. This idea indicates that packaging alone is not enough to tell the difference. Regardless of the regulations, parents will continue to be as responsible as possible when leaving marijuana around their household.

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