A drive-through, like fast food? Maine marijuana regulators are proposing a drive-through service. Like fast-food, banking and pharmacies models. Online orders and drive-throughs sound awesome, and we’re all glad marijuana is nothing like fast food, or pharmaceutical drugs or as dry as a bank teller.

There have been many nights at Mc’Donalds where the retail space is empty inside, and the line outside is brutally long as the cashiers move slow, as if they were the high ones. Or Starbucks, when ten people are working on shift, and as you wait, you’re counting how many drive-through customers get their items before you. Maybe the weed spot won’t be open at 2 AM or have free Wifi, but the concept can feasibly be done.  Would a drive through be better for the community the dispensary in and or people buying weed?

Read full story Online ordering isn’t innovative; neither is a drive-through or delivery. The innovation comes from the business operations and the ability to create value for people. Chick-fil-a has mastered their business operations and bringing value by sticking to its core competency, offering chicken (instead of beef) and great service. I’ve heard their drive-thru cashiers are extremely pleasant!