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Major Bloom Granny Mac

From the Miracle Alien Cookie project, a cross of Colombian and MAC. The Colombian side brings a peppery earthiness that combines with MAC’s sweet doughiness for a unique profile. The effects will leave you feeling clear-headed, relaxed, and not too weighed down.

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Major Bloom Boston Runtz PreRoll

Boston Runtz is crossing a Boston Cream Pie with its magnificent selected Runtz. Boston Cream Pie is filled with that delicious custard filling that we love so much. The Boston Cream cannabis strain is a balanced hybrid with a similar creamy vanilla flavour. Originally bred by Mass Medical Strains, it is a cross between PuTang and Vanilla Cream. Grinding the buds releases the perfume-like floral scent, rich in shades of vanilla and mint. This hybrid reportedly brings the best of both worlds, with users raving about the physical relief and intense psychoactive euphoria.

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Major Bloom Lemon OG Haze Blunt

Lemon OG Haze by Nirvana is the sensible combination of its titular elements: Lemon OG and Haze. While Lemon OG contains weighty Kush elements that are kind on the body, the excess limonene and alpha-pinene lead the consumer into a state of mental alertness and euphoria. In the right measure, this strain can be a one-way ticket to productivity, hazing the mind into a content lull while wrapping the body in a calm focus. Enjoy this strain as a means to crush anxiety, depression, lethargy, and fatigue.

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Betty’s Eddies ARL Betty’s Eddies Immunity Elderberry Fruit Chews 50MG

Get back to feeling your Betty best self with our Elderbetty chews. Infused with a natural blend of THC and CBD, plus elderberry, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D3, Elderbetty may help boost immunity for your body and mind.

Granulated sugar, glucose syrup, trimoline, cannabis infused coconut oil, coconut oil, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sunflower lecithin, freeze dried elderberry, natural flavor oil, malic acid, freeze dried blueberry, vegetable juice extract for color, zinc oxide, vitamin D3

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Joyibles Salisbury Joybombs Sour Fruit Candies 100MG 40PK

Joy Bombs Candy-Coated Fruit Chews are precisely dosed with 2.5mg THC in each bite-sized piece, so you can micro-dose for days or nom the whole pouch for a 100mg adventure! Perfect for sharing, Joy Bombs’ signature sugary shell means they’ll melt in your mind, but not in your car or pocket!

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INSA INSA Cherry Cheesecake Chocolate 100MG

If you love cheesecake, you’ll love this infused chocolate bar. One of Insas pastry chefs is a cheesecake fanatic. He presented a clever blend of creamy French ivory chocolate, real graham cookie crumbs, natural cherry, and cheesecake powders…close your eyes and taste this New York deli specialty. It’s the real thing!

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