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Adult-use (21+) Cannabis Dispensary Located in Worcester, MA

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76 Millbury St
Worcester, MA 01610

  • Sunday
    10:00am – 10:30pm
  • Monday
    9:30am – 10:00pm
  • Tuesday
    9:30am – 10:00pm
  • Wednesday
    9:30am – 10:00pm
  • Thursday
    9:30am – 10:30pm
  • Friday
    9:30am – 10:30pm
  • Saturday
    9:30am – 10:30pm

Major Bloom is Your Worcester, MA 01615 01610 Weed Dispensary

Major Bloom is a Worcester, MA-based recreational (adult-use ’21+’) weed dispensary (cannabis store) that proudly serves customers from Worcester, MA 01615 01610.

Check out our extensive online weed menu and feel welcome to place a pick up order.

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Major Bloom Values our Worcester, MA 01615 Customer Feedback

Major Bloom proudly serves the Worcester, MA 01615 community handling all cannabis needs. Check out our reviews to see what your Worcester, MA 01615 neighbors are saying about us!

  • CMBA A
    12/04/2021 05:22 PM
    Terrible product hand packed sticks and stems. No idea how this place is allowed to operate. I wish I could post a picture of the trash that was sold over the counter at a premium
  • Sean Bottis
    11/24/2021 02:24 PM
    Great staff, friendly and inviting !
  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    11/19/2021 01:33 PM
  • Joben McGooch
    11/17/2021 10:14 PM
    I came in from NY last night, I quickly searched for a dispensary near me! Found several options nearby. I came a crossed Major Bloom! After visiting the website and seeing a little video on who they are I knew this was my place! And man this place is awesome! Clean, prices are spot on, and the pre-rolls were the best I’ve seen!! Burned smooth with no canoeing!! You guys have my vote for best dispensary!
  • Christine Colon
    11/16/2021 08:14 PM
    My visit with them was awesome they we're great explaining thing and very respectful and clean areas also keep up the good work 🤗🤗🤗
  • Sara March
    01/04/2022 10:53 PM
    Everyone was so nice and knowledgeable. Their prices are awesome too!
  • Beth Shackett
    11/12/2021 11:42 PM
  • kurt b
    11/11/2021 12:15 AM
  • Rain -
    11/02/2021 11:01 PM
  • Paris Desousa
    10/27/2021 12:49 PM
  • Jim Koury
    10/10/2021 03:27 AM
    My visit to Major Bloom today was my first ever to a pot dispensary. It was a great experience. I am so thrilled to be able to actually go buy weed, and not have think about who is watching me. LOL. Staff was awesome, friendly, just top notch. The product is top notch too. I ordered it online, and it was waiting there for me, with no problems whatsoever. Thanks so much, folks.
  • Jessica Youngblood
    12/13/2021 01:53 AM
  • Julia Germaine
    10/05/2021 05:00 PM
    Great selection including affordable options. Nice, normal, local shopping experience!
  • Jj Jackson
    10/05/2021 02:52 PM
    Place is fresh. People are chill and helpful and they got a dope Boston BMX I gotta where he got it .......
  • Casey Roy
    10/01/2021 02:20 PM
  • Diego Rivera
    09/28/2021 09:03 PM
    Major bloom was great from the outside to the inside. The staff was super friendly and were ready to answer any questions I may have had. I ordered online (fast an easy) and was in an out during my travels. I specifically went to get my hands on some Justinecredible cultivations "Gas Mask" that was absolutely amazing! Major bloom has many options an products. I would highly recommend Everyone check out Major bloom!!!
  • Jediael Ramirez
    09/28/2021 09:17 PM
  • maui0420
    09/24/2021 03:20 AM
    I gotta say, probably the smoothest pre roll I’ve had. Would definitely recommend!!
  • Stephen Barboza
    09/23/2021 05:38 PM
  • James Motta
    09/22/2021 08:37 PM
    Everyone is very knowledgeable and they make sure you’re buying exactly what you need it for! Huge selection and fair prices! Deff will be going back!
  • Jay Bumpz
    09/18/2021 09:42 PM
  • Rachael Chen
    08/16/2021 11:40 PM
  • Jason “Icarus87” Libin
    08/24/2021 02:50 PM
    Knowledgeable and friendly staff who is always looking out for you.
  • Kayanna James
    08/27/2021 01:58 AM
    Love the owners Uly & Laury! They’re super chill & passionate about what they do! I had a great experience at Major bloom. I definitely recommend visiting.
  • Kevin O'Day
    08/29/2021 03:52 PM
    Employee at the desk didn’t seem to know what he was doing, he had problems with the door, but the cashier lady was nice
  • Chelsea Gion
    12/13/2021 02:24 AM
    I’ve been to Major Bloom a few times now and will continue to shop here regularly. The owner and staff members are incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I felt comfortable coming here as a first time dispensary visitor, not knowing what products I should even purchase. They assisted me with my individual preferences and concerns, and I could not be happier with the service, recommendations, and products that I received. Also, the facility itself is beautiful, clean, organized, and full of good vibes. 💯
  • Travis U
    12/13/2021 02:24 PM
    Awesome dispensary. I just visited Major Bloom a few weeks ago and will definitely be coming back. They've really done a great job with the space/remodel and offer a wide variety of products. Staff are also very helpful and friendly. Looking forward to watching them grow (and bloom :)
  • Mike Rogers
    12/13/2021 03:17 PM
    Major Bloom is located in a ideal location right off the highway. The store has a great variety and very knowledgeable staff. I had a great experience and would go back again!!
  • Luther Clisbee
    12/16/2021 07:33 PM
    Super friendly staff that answered all my questions. Very knowledgeable. They had everything I was looking for. The atmosphere was awesome! Excited to see what they have in store. Will definitely be going back often.
  • Jonzel Diaz
    01/01/2022 06:06 PM
    Trash they sell old bud. Bought this on 1/1/21! Don’t be scammed by these people selling legit dirt
  • Ufon Brown
    01/01/2022 06:10 PM
    Best dispensary in Worcester. Good prices, great people. 10/10
  • Ravon Williams
    01/01/2022 06:52 PM
    Great online menu, i love the color scheme and it was easy to find everything i wanted
  • Jessica Falcon
    01/01/2022 06:53 PM
    Major Bloom is incredible in every way, from quality of product to the customer service, this dispensary has it all. Will definitely come back.
  • Alex Wharton
    01/01/2022 07:02 PM
    Most down to earth, nice people I have met. Great people with great products. What more could you ask for? A++
  • Victoria Roman
    01/01/2022 07:12 PM
    The best dispensary in the city!! Some of the best pre rolls I’ve ever had. Not only the products make this store special but the staff is AMAZING! The store has a vibe that is so welcoming. They always give great recommendations and I feel like I learn something new each visit.
  • Joseph A
    01/01/2022 08:23 PM
    Excellent customer service with great selections and very nice prices you can’t beat this place hands down!
  • Jeremy Torres
    01/04/2022 08:02 PM
  • Anthony Gagliardo
    01/06/2022 02:43 AM
    Great experience. The employees Harry and Kiana were awesome. I know my weed, but wanted a personal opinion. They delivered and now I'm going to bed a happy individual, not just rushed in and out with whatever bud they needed to sell more of. I will come back as long as the service continous to be excellent.
  • William Laudon
    01/06/2022 04:51 PM
    Major Bloom! What can I say? Impressive would be one word to sum it all up. For me, ( nowadays) I am content with an occasional puff puff of a sativa splif before night nights. My education is limited on the advancements in this industry, but Ive always strongly believed in the endless medical properties and benefits that marijuana provides. When you couple relentless dedication with folks who are passionate about there product, you get “Major bloom.” But get this!! The team over at Major Bloom are just as passionate for there community! So much so that Major Bloom has never ending ideas and events to bring the neighborhoods closer together. I own a small business in this neighborhood “Alan James Co.” When I met the owner Ulysses Youngblood (yeah, that’s his real name. Dope right?) it was immediately apparent that Major Bloom was built from true passion, which naturally provides so much more than just high quality professionally handled get right nuggets. There is an immediate sense of comfort when you enter the store. Major Bloom cares about YOU and YOUR well being. Wether you’re new to what a dispensary provides (like me) or a connoisseur of green, the crew is eager to assist your needs, educate, and answer any and all questions. Backed up with genuine smile. Make it a point to shop with Major Bloom when your dank tank is running on empty, and definitely grab some yummy pre-rolls for a tasty tootsky. For real, this ain’t just another dispensary.
  • Thomas Hester
    01/11/2022 07:20 PM
  • Kate Crowther
    01/11/2022 08:39 PM
    Excellent, helpful, informative staff and great selection. I love checking out new dispensaries when they open, but not all get my repeat business. This one is definitely worth the trip. Very well done. The enthusiasm and dedication for/to their business is evident in the customer experience.
  • fivefoot ant
    01/11/2022 08:46 PM
  • Devin Alexander
    01/11/2022 09:14 PM
    Great customer experience!!! Will definitely be coming back.
  • Armando Marchione
    01/13/2022 02:24 PM
    Got a chance to stop in on opening day and see the place. Good vibes, clean and lots of selection.
  • Kimberly Beers
    01/12/2022 11:33 PM
    Great service, great atmosphere and vibes, great variety of delicious products! Would highly recommend.
  • Caró Füí
    01/15/2022 06:44 PM
    Black owned and woman owned establishment. Awesome products and friendly staff. Service is seemless and fast. Great experience shopping overall in-store and ordering online. Keep up the good work!
  • Melissa Chaplin
    01/16/2022 12:28 AM
  • John Gaboury
    01/17/2022 04:00 AM
    Have tried several low$ & high$ flower products, and a pre-rolled infused item, and was VERY pleased with all. Customer service was knowledgeable and friendly at every turn. Recommending the Mandarin Zkittlez F1 before everyone else finds out.